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Italy's Romantic Hill Towns and Villages

The overriding reason why savvy travelers rent vacations home in Italy is to live as the Italians do. Nowhere in Italy is the possibility greater than staying in a medieval hill town or village. Shopping the outdoor market, visiting the butcher, perusing the farm stand, the florist and the bakery are how neighbors interact. Strolling to cafes and restaurants becomes a daily routine.

Whether the hill town is famous like San Gimignano in Tuscany, or a hidden gem, like Trevi in Umbria, choosing an apartment or townhouse in an Italian hill town is the surest way to become enmeshed in Italy's culture, make amazing new friends, discover the best local eateries, wine and delicacies. What is more convenient and truly Italian than stepping outside your door and following a cobbled pedestrian lane to your morning cappuccino as you embark on your day's adventure?

Toscanino - Casa Vinci sleeps 2
Tuscany 1 bathroom
Toscanino - Casa Pisa sleeps 2
Tuscany 2 bathrooms
Casa Galante - Galantino sleeps 2
Tuscany 1 bathroom
Toscanino - Casa Lucca sleeps 2
Tuscany 2 bathrooms
Penthouse Medici sleeps 2/3
Alabastro sleeps 2/3
Tuscany 1 bathroom
Casa Carmen sleeps 2/4
Tuscany 1 bathroom
Penthouse Signoria sleeps 2/4
Regina del Garda sleeps 4
Italian Lakes 2 bathrooms
Casa al Duomo sleeps 4
Umbria 2 bathrooms
Toscanino - Casa Firenze sleeps 4
Tuscany 2 bathrooms
Toscanino - Casa Prato sleeps 4
Tuscany 2 bathrooms
Cottage Cassis sleeps 4/5
Profumo di Mare sleeps 4/6
Amalfi Coast 2 bathrooms
Gabbiano sleeps 6
Italian Riviera 2 bathrooms
Zafferano sleeps 6
Tuscany 3 bathrooms
Casa Galante - Galante sleeps 6
Tuscany 2 bathrooms
Regina del Garda sleeps 6/7
Italian Lakes 2 bathrooms
Villa Carrera sleeps 14
Tuscany 7 bathrooms
Villa Carrera sleeps 24
Tuscany 12 bathrooms
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