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Villa Baia Blu

Recco, Genova

Shopping and Dining: Recco is a seaside town and within a hilly one mile walk or 5 minute drive, there are numerous café bars, restaurants, gelaterie, pastry shops, fruit and vegetable grocers, butchers, pharmacies and shops of all kinds. In addition to the small specialty grocers, there is a supermarket, open every day from 8 AM to 8 PM.

Not To Be Missed: Drive 15 minutes to the tiny hamlet of San Rocco, found along the route to Portofino. This hillside village has a couple of sea view restaurants and a church. From the parking area, there are marked hiking trails of varying degrees of lengthy and difficulty over the Portofino mountain. A series of marked hiking trails cross over the Portofino promontory and lead down to the tiny fishing hamlet of San Fruttuoso with an 8th century Benedictine abbey. This romantic cove is accessible only by boat or by a 3 hour hike. On way back, San Rocco has a couple of cocktail bars that are positioned for lovely sunsets.

Public Transportation: Recco's main line train station is within three quarters of a mile with service to all major cities and to the Cinque Terre. By train, it is 70 minutes to Monterosso al Mare, the first village of the Cinque Terre. The last two trains return from Monterosso at 8 pm and 11 pm.

Boat Excursions: Tourist boats leave from the Recco promenade from May through September. Daily ferries leave for Portofino and the abbey of San Fruttuoso. Boat excursions to Cinque Terre leave a couple of days per week.

Beach: Just under a mile away are small private, pay per use beach clubs along Recco's pebbly cove and small port. Guests are given a chair and have access to restrooms and a beach bar. The surrounding towns and villages all have similar beach clubs.

Golf & Tennis: Golf Club Rapallo, a 20 minute drive away, has an 18 hole course and outdoor tennis courts.

Advanced Hiking: For the more advanced, drive an hour inland to the trails of Santo Stefano d'Aveto in the Ligurian Apennines. The trails are using for hiking in the summer months and skiing in the winter.

Open Air Markets: Morning markets are held on Monday in Recco, Wednesday in Camogli, Thursday in Rapallo and Friday in Santa Margherita and Chiavari. Chiavari hosts the largest antique market in Liguria on the second weekend of each month - one of the best in Liguria with vendors from all over northern Italy, France and Germany. In Chiavari, the last weekend of each month is an enormous food market with hundreds of local producers from all over Italy.

Annual Festivals:
In May:
- Camogli: The second week is the Sagra del Pesce (Fish Fry Festival) with Saturday's "Blessing of the Fish" festivities including bonfires and an impressive display of fireworks. On Sunday, the largest frying pan in the world (12 feet in diameter) fries up huge helpings of fish.
- Recco: The last Sunday in May, is a focaccia feast to sample the town's local specialty.

In July:
- Rapallo: July 1 - 3 is the feast of the Madonna di Montallegro with outdoor markets and an evening fireworks display on July 3rd.

In August:
- Rapallo has several music concerts and festivals taking place on the promenade, like Liguria Jazz and the Festival of Blues.
- Camogli: The first Sunday is a religious feast with thousands of floating candles being placed in the sea during the procession of all the boats of Camogliesi fishermen. Filling the sea with lights is the villager's way of thanking the Virgin Mary, their protector of seafarers.

In September:
- Recco hosts an international Fireworks Festival on September 8 with dazzling displays taking place day and night!

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