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Italian Hotels

Every Italian hotel offered by Parker Villas is carefully chosen for its quality, location and great value. We receive preferential pricing on the majority of the hotels we offer.

All of our hotels know Parker Villas personally, value our business and are particularly attentive towards our guests.

There are endless hotel choices in Italy and a great variety in standards. We inspect for little things that matter: consistent cleanliness, convenient accessibility, comfortable in size and more. When choosing a hotel partner, Parker selects the specific rooms that we wish to assign our guests.

Location, location, location. Each Parker hotel is located exactly where our guests want to be. Along with hotels conveniently located near the major airports, Parker offers hotels in the major cities and towns. A reminder — the best hotels in Italy are smaller, family run establishments with 20-30 rooms that fill quickly, so be sure to book your hotels along with your vacation rental with as much advance notice as possible.

Just Like Our Villas, We Know Each Hotel Too

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