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Summary of Coverage
Rental Postponement Coverage (RPC) allows the Client to postpone a Parker vacation involving one or more eligible properties totaling three weeks or less without incurring cancellation penalties in paragraph 7 of the Booking Conditions. No reason need be given for postponing the vacation. Please note, RPC is not travel insurance and does not provide a monetary refund when claimed. Properties excluded from coverage are noted in the description.
How does RPC work
Since it is not possible to insure that the original properties booked will be available in the future, a Credit Voucher for the actual amount of money paid minus the cost of RPC is issued. RPC Credit Vouchers can only be applied towards future Parker property rentals that take place within three years of the RPC Credit Voucher issue date.
What does RPC cost
The non-refundable cost of RPC is 7% of the total rental cost.
When must RPC be purchased
RPC can only be purchased at the time of booking by submitting the entire RPC premium along with the required full or partial rental payment. Only the client making and paying for the booking has the option to purchase RPC.
When does coverage begin
Coverage begins once the payment is processed acknowledging that the Client’s request for RPC has been accepted and is in effect. The Parker Company reserves the right to reject applications.
Submitting a claim
The Parker Company must receive the Client’s signed request for postponement in writing by 72 hours prior to the vacation start date and time (GMT +1) of the first covered rental. Submitting a claim postpones the entire Parker vacation.
RPC Credit Voucher
Once a claim has been processed, The Parker Company will issue an RPC Credit Voucher equal to the amount paid by the Client for the covered rental(s). The voucher is valid for three years from the end date of the last covered rental that was postponed.
What is not covered
Claims received within 72 hours of the vacation start date; no-shows, late arrivals, missed days of rental, partial stays, partial postponements and early departures from any portion of the vacation are not covered and remain subject to all of the terms of the Booking Conditions. RPC is strictly intended for postponement, and cannot be used to switch from one property to another within the original date range. For vacations involving more than one week, all weeks must be postponed in their entirety to be eligible. There is no coverage and no voucher will be issued unless all payments due under the Booking Contract have been received by TPC.
Redeeming your Voucher
The voucher can be applied as payment towards a new rental property booked through The Parker Company and occupied within three years from the issue date. The voucher is not redeemable for cash in whole or part and cannot be used for other Parker products and services. When rebooking, if part of the voucher amount remains unused a new voucher bearing the original issue date will be issued for the unused amount. Coverage ceases once a new booking is made or at the end of the three year term, whichever comes first. When rebooking, RPC can be purchased to cover the new booking. All or any portion of a voucher not redeemed within three years is forfeited.
Transferring your Voucher
The Client may transfer in whole or in part the value of an RPC Credit Voucher to another person(s) within the three-year life of the voucher. Each new voucher issued is subject to a $50 (£35 UK) modification fee; will bear the original issue date and be subject to the same conditions.

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